Warning! Say No to weight loss surgery!


Say No to Weight loss Surgery!

Revolutionary NEW Waist Trainer/ Body Shaper eliminates the need for surgery. Did you know you could lose 1 top size per week with no surgery?

Quality is the Key to great results.

    Waist Evolution's revolutionary NEW waist trainers are cornering the market with the never before seen, secret/discreet "Sexi" undergarment. Undetectable and super comfortable.

Does it hurt?

      It leaves no marks, bruises, or lines. 360 degree support eliminates slouching, correcting posture while curbing the appetite, reducing cravings, and eliminating the mid-section.

Waist Evolution vs. Surgery

Waist Trainer

  1. Cost: $65.99
  2. Pain: None
  3. Recovery Time: 1-2 weeks wear
  4. Health Risks: Reduced appetite
  5. End Results: Long Term Weigh-loss


  1. Cost: $5,000-$10,000 (travel, after care, medicine etc.)
  2. Pain: Crippling Pain & Bed Rest with Mandatory Pain Killers which can cause addiction.
  3. Recovery Time: 5-12 Weeks
  4. Health Risks: Surgery Complications, Infection, blood loss, or even death.
  5. End Results: Long term weight-loss

Can you workout in it?

      They even offer a "Sporty" Workout adjustable waist trainer that can be worn in the gym or around the house to double results of working out or running errands.


This waist trainer was my best kept secret. Now I barely need to wear it.

angela d. -miami

Verified Customer

Great product. very happy with the results. product as described.

caitlyn J. -portland

Verified Customer

it is super comfortable! nothing like the painful crap i bought before. this is a real waist trainer.... the others were waste trainers. happy.

mary m. -san bernadino

Verified Customer

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